Fire Sprinkler Damage

Don’t face damage to your home or business alone, get in touch with Whittier 24/7 Flood Rescue today!

Despite the efficiency of fire sprinklers, what happens when they also produce unwanted damage? Think of a typical situation when one goes off accidentally in your property? What a mess, right?

Accidental discharge of fire sprinklers may occur due to overheating, mechanical damage, corrosion, a manufacturing or an installation issue. It’s nearly impossible to control these factors, but there is one thing you can control. Calling a professional flood damage company to handle the issue for you.

If you’ve experienced fire sprinkler damage, don’t panic!

  • Look for the main water supply line and turn it off
  • Avoid contact with electrical outlets or machinery of any kind
  • Do your best to shut off any fuses in the home to avoid injuries

Luckily, Whittier 24/7 Flood Rescue has the fastest arrival time in the area and we’re just one call away. We will take care of fire sprinkler damage, no matter how large or small the incident may be. Our technicians are IICRC-certified to handle all types of water damage restoration instances. We go through every step of the process, cold water extraction, in place drying, sanitization and deodorization, even off site storage to properly keep your belongings safe during the restoration.

We will locate the cause of fire sprinkler damage, and suggest a plan of action to prevent the incident from happening again. We do our very best to offer preventative measures, no matter what type of water damage you face. Our company is focused on helping our customers, as we want to bring this service to you at no cost! We provide every customer with so you can focus on your property.

Your time and your business mean money. Don’t waste any of those by waiting any longer!

Call us at (562) 309-4600 and let our experts do the necessary cleaning and drying needed for you to start operating your business to its fullest.