Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Incidents are becoming more and more common due to the lack in maintenance of wiring insulation and gas leakage. It is important to make sure that your fire alarms and sprinklers are in a working condition to avoid a fire breakout.

At Whittier, we not only take care of water and flood damage and sprinkler solutions but also provide fire damage remediation for your property. Whittier Fire Damage Repair is located at 14153 Whittier Blvd, California. We guarantee that your call will be responded to within 30 minutes. The damage by fire will be professionally repaired if you call Whittier Fire Damage in 24 to 48 hours of the fire incident because the cleaning will not be very challenging if it is attended to quickly. Our emergency services are available 24/7, seven days a week.

Our staff includes a team of amiable members who take their job seriously. They are well-trained and approach the cleanup systematically. Every process is handled expertly with complete knowledge of repair. From ceilings to walls to furniture, we will take care of fire and smoke damage professionally. Technicians at Whittier Fire Damage Restoration are IICRC certified and go through an extensive training period so they can handle damaged house structures as well as your personal items.

Conditions After the Fire:

● A fire in your property will cause serious damage, whether it is an apartment, bungalow or office building.
● It can also affect your family both physically and psychologically.
● The household items and structure will also be damaged or in ashes.
● Things that were not destroyed by fire will be covered in smoke and grime due to fire extinguishing.
● There will be certain things that can be re used after the cleanup, so do not throw everything away. Wait for a fire damage restoration officer to inspect the house. He will tell you what can be saved.
● The fire fighters might have cut holes around your house/building to check for hidden fire. This is also done to vent out smoke from the house.

Necessary Documentation after the Fire:
The following checklist tell you about the important information you must document about the fire incidents so that the legal process conducted by police and insurance company is easier and without hassle. You can write this down on a paper and keep it safe till the process of fire damage restoration begins:

● Date of fire incident
● Location of the fire Incident
● Time of the Fire
● Name of people living in the house/building that caught fire
● Vehicle Identification of motorcycles, cars, buses, trucks and other automobiles damaged by fire
● Responding Fire Department Information:
➢ Name
➢ Address
➢ Phone number (Emergency)
➢ Phone number (Non-emergency)
➢ Report number of fire Incident issued by the responding Fire Department
➢ Name of Fire Investigation Officer

If your property has insurance, leave the negotiation to us and we will make the best possible compensation for you. The insurance companies that work in collaboration with us are:

● All State Insurance Company
● Farmers’ Insurance Company
● Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company
● Liberty Mutual Insurance
● Pacific Specialty Insurance Company

Our services are not limited to restoration aid but also prevention plans for waterlogging and house fire. Call us now on (562) 309-4600. Our Fire Damage Restoration Team will put in all efforts with full devotion to bring your house back to life.